Solar pannel and batteries

We will continue to supply and install high quality solar systems designed to fit your needs.

When purchasing a solar kit, making sure it is the right system for your living situation is key to getting your return on investment as fast as possible, choosing to use a bulk installer is not optimal as their kits are usually standard and they are completely inflexible in what they offer and therefore cannot be tailored to needs, based on the situation.

Usually retired people and those who work from home will see the fastest returns when installing solar; especially when they use electric heating system, such as our heat pumps. Local is the key to ensuring your solar solution leaves you satisfied. If you use a local electrician or small solar business you are much more likely to get a high quality and long lasting solar install. The number of solar systems installed by bulk installers that we repair is overwhelming.

There are two rebates that you can be eligible for:

  1. The Victorian Solar Rebate – only available to lower income home owners, and only if your property value is below a certain threshold and is only available once per person. It should be noted that we do not participate in Victorian Solar Rebate, unlike bulk solar installers.

  2. The Federal solar rebate – Almost all households are eligible for this rebate, and it is significantly larger than the Victorian Rebate.
There are 3 main systems we offer, based on your personal requirements we will help guide you in the right direction.

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Redback Grid Connect Battery System

We use Redback hybrid inverter/battery because:

  • Redback products are designed in Australia
  • They offer both single phase and three phase options
  • Units are Modular, batteries can be easily added to or replaced


We use Enphase systems:

  • They do not require high voltage DC electricity running around your roof, making units safer
  • They offer single panel control and monitoring.
  • They're great for limited roof space or fragmented arrays.
  • Units tend to provide a greater yield than conventional string inverters.
  • They’re perfect for multi-phase installations, as 3 phase string inverters are very expensive

  • We will offer these kits if you have a shading issue or lack the roof space for the panels required & can be handy for multi-phase installations.


    We use Fronius because:

  • Units are simple and of high quality,
  • Everything is made in Austria, with great local support

    We use Selectronics becuase
  • They have a 25-year life span
  • They're made in Australia
  • Systems are classic off grid type system that works with any battery
  • Pairs with the Fronius inverters seamlessly, and can be added to an existing system with a little extra work

  • We have built a few “preppers” systems that are massive for domestic applications and can be totally independent from the grid if needed.

    Solar panels

    What panels we offer is based completely on availability, but will only offer tier 1 panels.

    We can obtain, Korean, Taiwanese or Australian panels if you request, you absolutely can tell the difference in quality.

    Tindo panels are made in South Australia and are very well made, and look surprisingly good after install as the panel frames tend to be straighter then others. They are quite expensive though.