Hot water

We offer 3 products for hot water systems, we'll spend the time with you to establish which unit works best for your situation.



Sanden Heat pumps considered the best heat-pumps for domestic hot water systems, they come with stainless steel tanks that are made in Australia and the heat pumps are made in Japan. While expensive, they are the best option when you have limited solar output. We will recommend a Sanden if you have limited or no solar power and roof space/shading is a problem.

Power Diverter

Power Diverters are used to divert excess solar that was going to be exported to the grid into a conventional hot water system. This system is very reliable with no moving parts, please note this is only an option if you have a solar system larger than 6KW.


PLW by Plasmatronics is an off-grid system that uses 6 to 8 conventional solar panels that drives a special element in a conventional electric hot water system. Systems can be installed with grid backed up to the top element of the electric hot water system. This unit is ideal for those with plenty of roof space and if you’re looking for a very reliable system.