About us

We’ve been in operation since 2000, since day one, Skyline has been focused on delivering energy efficiency solutions.

Our history

We originally built and supplied solar systems as well as providing Accent Heat Pumps installation for hydronic slab heating and radiators. Once Accent was acquired by Rheem, we moved to a model where we would import heat pump chassis then re-manufacturing them in house for QA. As a result, our heat pumps are designed to be reliable and easy to repair by any refrigeration mechanic or electrician.

Skyline Energy’s key objective is to provide a long term cost effective solution for new home builders who seek to go reduce environmental impact and to reduce overall electricity usage, all while while offering a reliable and serviceable product.

Now, after the retirement of one of the founders of Skyline, we have decided to pivot the business towards a model where we manufacture our own heat pumps, this is to provide an even more reliable and modular unit, which can easily be repaired and maintained; designed specifically for Australian conditions.