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Hydronic Heating

   * SX-18ZA and SX-19ZA
   not suitable for frost prone areas

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Our Air Sourced Heat Pumps are 200% to 600% efficient, in OZ

Heat Pump Efficiency

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Limited-export solar battery systems

Welcome to on-grid Solar battery storage and management systems!

energy power storage - available off-the-shelf in Australia right now!

Is your solar system giving you the maximum return on investment ?

If you installed your solar system in the last 2 yrs, or are about have solar installed, (not on a premium feed-in-tarif) you could be exporting excess power back to the grid and getting almost nothing for it. Electricity retailers can offer you whatever they want with no set fees or regulations. Instead of exporting extra power, why not save it for your own use later rather than buy power from the grid when the sun goes away.

We can design a battery upgrade system so the battery capacity fits your average export kWH, and/or your budget, ensuring maximum efficiency for your investment.

For the time being, we are NOT recommending Lithium batteries. Australian Standards for the safe handling, installation, and use of Lithium solar batteries are being written now, and we believe they will push the overall installation cost well above the already high purchase price.

We ARE recommending maintenance-free VRLA GEL lead-acid batteries - a time proven technology - cheaper - safer - durable - dependable.

Given that the network billing system will change within the next two years to interval time of use billing for your network peak usage, it is vital that all solar homes move into storage to protect their investment. Without battery storage, solar will not protect you from increases in power prices. The hybrid power solution here will ensure that you get the greatest benefit from your solar power generation.

Solar battery system
Example: 48V 500AH battery bank, giving 11.75kWh usable storage


Solar battery system

Store now. Use later:

  • Use every bit of solar you generate
  • Minimise your electricity bill
  • Become more independant
  • Protect against power cuts
  • Have total visibility of electricity use
  • Advanced design and functionality at competitive price-point
  • Safe, reliable maintenance-free batteries
  • Programmable Time of Use features allow smart energy control with off-peak charging and peak time discharging
  • 5-year product warranty



Inverter AC Output

Battery Capacity

Solar Capacity

Price before rebate from:

Installed Price After rebate from:








batteries & stand supply only







batteries & stand supply only







batteries & stand supply only

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