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   * SX-18ZA and SX-19ZA
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Our Air Sourced Heat Pumps are 200% to 600% efficient, in OZ

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Solar Electricity - Switchboard and Meter Upgrades

Before we can install a grid-connected solar power system, we will need to ensure that your existing switchboard and meter meet current standards. The following information will help you determine if your meter and switchboard are okay, and approximate pricing for upgrades if required.

If your home is under 10 years old, then it's probably okay.

If your switchboard looks something like this one - then it's probably okay!

If your meter box looks like this - it will need a major upgrade!

The best way to check if your system is compliant with solar, is to email us a photo for a free evaluation

Technical assistance

Why are switchboard upgrades necessary for your household?

As well as the regulations which requires a minimum standard for switchboards and meter-boxes, for solar-grid connection, updating your old fuse/switchbox makes perfect sense.

  • Old fuseboxes are more prone to short-circuits.
  • Their fuses can catch and spread fire easily.
  • Chance of electrical shock is increased.

The electrical safety switch, available these days with latest switchboards, eliminates the chance of electric shock, or serious physical damage due to a fire breakout. An electrical safety switch shuts down the main power supply as soon as it senses the slightest power leakage from a broken wire or switch.

A few decades ago, households did not contain the number of electrical appliances or devices as they do now, so the simple fusebox was considered adequate. (computers, TV's in every room, microwaves, home theatres, central heating etc.)

If your lights flicker, or you experience frequent fuse-tripping then it's most likely that all your electrical equipment is overloading the system.

Everything has a use by date. If your home still has a ceramic fuse box with re-wireable fuses in the meter box or an electrical switchboard then it has passed its use by date, and your switchboard is an electrical hazard.

Modern switchboards are fitted with auto-trip circuit breakers and safety switches which cut the electricity when there is an electrical fault. This can save your appliances, prevent electrical cables catching on fire, or even save a life from electrocution.

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