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21st Century Home Heating

Studies have shown that in-slab heating provides a most enjoyable warming experience!

Heating a concrete slab from cold takes a relatively long time, at least several hours possibly even 10hrs or more, but once at operating temperature, it will radiate heat consistently. For this reason, in-slab heating is generally best suited to buildings with permanent or high occupancy.

Slab Heater

Efficient, Luxurious, Simple:

Used in conjunction with our solar heat-pump water heaters, home heating with hydronic (water-filled) heating coils in the slab provides luxurious comfort.

Hydronic Floor heating pipes are laid throughout the concrete slab in loops or 'coils', during construction. Each coil can be controlled independently to heat only the area(s) required. (Groups of coils can be managed as one 'Zone' and controlled typically by room thermostat)

Warm water is circulated through the system of pipe work, the floor is heated and radiates warmth throughout the house.

Concrete Slab - Heating System

The completed slab heating system is comprised of:
  • Pipes coiled in the slab (usually 1 "coil" per 20sqm)
  • Each Coil has a shutoff valve (usually 1 or more manifolds located in cupboards)
  • Room thermostat for general temperature control
  • Flow & return lines and recirculating pump
  • A buffer tank is usually required
  • Various bits'n'pieces (plumbing)
  • Timer, switches/breakers etc (electrical)
  • . . and of course water heater!

How Much ?

Skyline Energy can provide a full design, and supply a complete kit and technical support for your builder/local trades to install - it's not rocket science, or a full installation (depending on actual location)
  • We don't recommend using traditional solar or evacuated tube boosters, as these provide the least input when needed most
  • Fully installed using Natural GAS boiler - from about $95 per square metre area
  • Fully installed using an air-sourced Heat-Pump - from about $120 per square metre
  • Fully installed using a geothermal Heat-Pump - from about $180 per square metre
  • Fully installed using LPG - forget it! the running cost is too high - use Heat-Pump

Slab heating quote, email your house plan here

Hydronic Slab Water Heaters

why we don't use solar tubes why we don't use solar tubes



It's a proven fact that evacuated tubes are just not a viable, cost-efficient option for hydronic heating. In normal winter conditions, a heat-pump will use less power than the booster required in an evacuated tube hydronics system. If you are in a natural gas area, you'll probably just use a straight gas boiler, if no gas use a correctly sized hydronic heat-pump.

We recommend Air-Sourced heat-pumps over Solar and Geothermal heaters, WHY?
click here for a more detailed explanation.

If you don't have adequate power supply for the required heat-pump, only then would you choose an LPG boiler.

Natural GAS Boiler

domestic slab heater

Nothing to get excited about here, its just a GAS boiler!

  • Cheap to buy, cheap to run etc. etc.
  • Combo models available for domestic hot water AND hydronics in single unit
  • Available in various sizes to suit system demand
  • LPG models also available - but LPG is VERY expensive to run - recommend using air-sourced heat-pump if adequate electricity supply available

Heat-Pump Water Heaters:


Below ground, the temperature doesn't fluctuate as much as above ground. We can take advantage of that by burying pipes underground to extract heat. Generally, the deeper you go the ground gets warmer. The problem with Geothermal systems is that the cost of burying the pipes far outweighs the operating cost savings compared to an air-sourced heat-pump. (you will never save enough in lower operating costs, when compared to the installed cost of an air-sourced system)


HEATING THE NATURAL WAY: An air-sourced hydronic heat pump uniquely extracts solar heat energy found abundant in the in air and transfers it to water.  

The completed system is comprised of:
domestic slab heater
  • Floorcoils laid in the slab to 1 or more manifolds
  • Flow & return lines to/from manifolds
  • 1 or more Heater Units
  • Buffer Tanks & expansion sub-system
  • Recirculating pumps
  • Wall mounted thermostat (Zone control)

We create a primary circuit through the heat-pump and buffertank, and secondary circuit through the buffertank and floorcoil system

Our range of sensational air-souced heat-pumps are rated from 5kw to 200kw output.

  • New low-cost imported heat pumps (locally finished)
  • They have sensationally low running costs
  • They can keep your home warm all winter regardless of weather
  • They are very durable and robust
  • Multiple units can heat any sized slab
  • Almost as efficient as Geothermal heat-pumps, but much cheaper to install


How does it work?

Our air-sourced hydronic heat-pump slab water heaters operate on a similar principle as a refrigerator or reverse-cycle air-conditioner.

An Ecological Solution:

The mysterious heat pump.
Our Cold Climate Air Sourced Hydronic Heat Pump technology has a vast potential for harnessing renewable energy, reducing energy consumption and emissions. They are able to extract heat from the air and concentrate it to provide hot water for heating homes and commercial buildings. The only energy required is that which is used to concentrate the thermal energy - so the system can provide a heat output up to four times larger than the energy input.

Running costs are similar to Natural GAS Boilers, however in non-GAS areas it can potentially reduce heating costs by more than 75% compared to other fuels like LPG and straight electricity.

Because they don't rely on direct sunlight radiation, they can operate in all seasons of the year, under all conditions; shade, overcast, sun, rain, frost, even at night.
Long after a conventional solar collector array would have given up and reverted to its booster, our heat pump is still absorbing vast amounts of solar energy.

Geothermal systems provide the most efficient heating, however - unlike much of Europe where hydronic heating has been used for decades, in most area’s of Australia an air-sourced heat pump will provide similar overall performance to a ground sourced (Geothermal) heat pump, but there is no need bury hundreds of metres of pipes in the paddock, and combined with Solar Electricity, running costs and emissions can be fully offset - at a lower setup cost than a Geothermal system.

With zoning control and even remote activation by telephone if required, used in conjunction with good building practices such as good insulation, hydronic heating with our state of the art, correctly sized air-sourced heat pumps can be an economical and ecological solution to your home heating requirements

During the life of this product, electricity will be generated more & more from renewable resources, making it the energy of choice:

Using the Sustainability Vic target 12% green power figure of 1.093kg CO2/kwh, and the solar contribution for our heat-pump under melbourne conditions (67%), it will produce 4% less CO2 than gas.

. . . . “let us exceed your expectations”
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