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Australia-wide delivery

We can deliver any of our products to your door anywhere in Australia.

For heat-pump systems, we have three levels of delivery service:

  • Basic Delivery Lowest cost delivery to fit in with other deliveries in the same area. Offloaded from truck by driver, but not placed or unpacked. This just a drop off service, we cannot guarantee delivery date.
  • Premium Delivery - given adequate notice, we deliver unit on the day and time you request, unpack and place the unit on the slab you or your plumber has prepared. Please call for Premium Delivery price confirmation.
  • Full Installation - given adequate notice, we deliver and fully install your new system. Please call for Full Installation quotation.
  • All Deliveries Delivery rates vary depending on distance from nearest depot. Please call for confirmation.
  • Note: Some of our larger systems require specialist handling.


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