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   * SX-18ZA and SX-19ZA
   not suitable for frost prone areas

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Our Air Sourced Heat Pumps are 200% to 600% efficient, in OZ

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Domestic Floor Heating with and heat-pumps - continued

We recommend Air-Sourced Hydrocarbon Charged 'Owl' fan hydronic heat-pumps over Solar heaters

Skyline Energy Air-Sourced Hydrocarbon Hydronic Heat Pumps

We have several models to suit various house size and conditions, single phase, two phase, and 3 phase units (up to 25kW input power).

Skyline Energy can provide you with a no-obligation quote for a heating system designed for your home. 

The main features of these units are:

  • Charged with Hydrocarbons not refrigerants, for highest efficiency and service life
  • Zeihl-Abegg "Owl" fans for highets efficiency and lowest sound level
  • They have sensationally low running costs
  • Low energy input and high energy output, equals low ongoing cost of operation. Enjoy luxurious warmth without the mounting energy bills associated with other forms of floor heating.
  • Ease of installation - the heatpump is totally self contained and is designed to be installed outside, therefore installation costs are minimal.
  • A buffer tank , dedicated primary circulation pump, (and expansion tank for pressurised systems) will be required

SX-13CCZA SX-17CCZA hydronic heatpump production line

Skyline Energy V35 Hydronic Heatpump Bullarto

Simplified rules for sizing your heatpump for hydronic heating - for MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY AND SERVICE LIFE!

  • Calculate how many kW are required
  • Look at the climatology of the location to establish the duration of 0oC to +4oC. Donít just look at the extreme temps, look at the mean overnight temp and duration
  • If the ambient air temp rarely dips below +4oC or does so for short periods then you can use this simple calculation...
    3.3 x electricity input kW = heatpump output heat kW to size the heatpump.
  • If the mean overnight ambient air temp is between 0oC and +4oC change the calculation to
    2.2 x electricity input kW = heatpump output heat kW to size the heatpump.
    Now there is a trick here, it's not that the COP and efficiency is going to suddenly crash, but a more powerful heatpump will raise the water temp more rapidly so it will cycle off before it needs to defrost, thereby maintaining a higher COP and efficiency.
  • Warranty service may be refused if our sizing guidlines are ignored.

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Other features & benefits:

  • Quiet, durable, and reliable in all weather conditions
  • Is environmentally friendly:
    With clean, renewable energy systems such as wind & solar power coming online, our systems are less polluting than equivalent gas boilers.

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