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Hydronic Heating

   * SX-18ZA and SX-19ZA
   not suitable for frost prone areas

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Our Air Sourced Heat Pumps are 200% to 600% efficient, in OZ

Heat Pump Efficiency

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Pool/Spa Air-Sourced Heat-Pumps

Extend your swimming season with an air-sourced Heat-Pump

Skyline Energy SX-25-P3 25kW pool heater Skyline Energy SX-50-P3 50kW pool heater Skyline Energy SX-16P 16kW pool heater

Systems 1ph/2ph




 2.7kw input, 16kW output, 1ph, - pool

$ 7,100


 3.6kw input, 21kW output, 1ph, - pool

$ 8,500


 5.2kw input, 24kW output, 1ph OR 2ph, - pool

$ 12,600

Systems 3ph




 4.2kw input, 25kW output, 3ph, - pool

$ 8,400


 4.8kw input, 30kW output, 3ph, - pool

$ 9,200


 8.5kw input, 50kW output, 3ph, - pool


  • They do not have roof mounted collectors!
  • They can keep your pool/spa water warm all year round regardless of weather
  • They have sensationally low running costs
  • We have units to suit any sized pool/spa
  • They are very durable and robust
  • Titanium Heat exchangers for long life

How does it work?

This pool water heater operates on a similar principle as a refrigerator or reverse-cycle air-conditioner, and can produce more than 4 times more heat energy than the power it consumes. It literally extracts and absorbs solar heat energy from the atmosphere. It can therefore operate in all seasons of the year, under all conditions; shade, overcast, sun, rain, frost, even at night.

The relatively small amount of electricity consumed by the system is only used to drive the process of heat absorption. There is no direct use of electricity to create heat.

During the life of this product, electricity will be generated more & more from renewable resources, making it the energy of choice:

Using the Sustainability Vic target 12% green power figure of 1.093kg CO2/kwh, and the solar contribution for our heat-pump under melbourne conditions (67%), it will produce 4% less CO2 than gas.

The main features of these units are:

  1. Due to their very low energy input and high energy output, (COP) they have a very low ongoing cost of operation, leading to a rapid payback period (from 1yr to 6yrs depending on heater use). Because of the low operational cost, you can enjoy the lower annual heating cost, and extend your swimming season.
  2. Ease of installation - NO ROOF MOUNTED COLLECTORS (simple to install) No need to install anything on your roof. They are totally self-contained and are designed to be installed outside, therefore installation costs are lower. Installation is quite straightforward, and can be accomplished by us or your local poolshop. (comprehensive installation instructions are provided, along with full technical support if required)
  3. No need to be installed in direct sunlight. Because they extract heat from the air, they heat your pool all year round at low cost. They can even run at night.
  4. No boosting is required. These heaters do not need GAS, Electric or roof-mounted solar boosters, but can be incorporated into an existing system to extend the swim season.

Provide us with the details of your pool and your heating desires. We’ll put it through our computer model and provide you with an assessment of running costs and a no obligation quote for the right model for you to maximise the enjoyment of your pool.

so what are you waiting for . . . ?

please contact Skyline Energy on 1300 552 976.

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Other features & benefits:

  • Quiet, durable, and reliable in all weather conditions
  • Is environmentally friendly
  • Specifically suited to extending the swim season

For all pool/spa heating enquiries, please call the national number below

or email

1300 552 976

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