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Our Air Sourced Heat Pumps are 200% to 600% efficient, in OZ

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V25/V25ZA Hydronic Heating Air Sourced Heat Pump

For heating up to about 210sqm floorspace for panel radiators

For heating up to about 250sqm floorspace for concrete slab heating

Our V25/V25ZA Hydronics Heat Pump is not an "off-the-shelf" import, it is unique and purpose-built to heat water for hydronic heating systems. The cabinet and refrigeration system is pre-assembled to our design. We finish them locally,charge them with Hydrocarbons, then fine-tune and put each heat pump through quality assurance testing.

Over the years we have developed our own inhouse heatpump tuning/monitoring rig.
Every machine that leaves our factory has been fine-tuned for its application, has been "run-in" for hours, and is shipped with its own performance guarantee.
When it is delivered and installed, it will work faultlessly from day one.

The V25/V25ZA can heat water to a maximum of 55oC
, (recommend design for 50oC for new radiator installations). The dual compressor V25/V25ZA can be spanned across 2 phases if you have 2 phase supply, or across 2phases of a 3ph supply.

Skyline Energy V25 Hydronic Heat-Pump
     3yrs return to base warranty

See below for tips on sizing your heatpump for MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY AND SERVICE LIFE!

Technical data:

  • Nominal input power: 4.3kW - 5.7kW (incl 500W circ pump)
  • Rated output (ZA):18kW @ LWC 45C, COP 3.7
  • Voltage: 220V, (can be spanned across 2ph)
  • 'V'-shaped evaporator for max efficiency
  • Pipe size: DN32
  • Max outlet water: 55oC
  • Environment range: -19oC to +45oC
  • Compressor: 2x Copeland ZR34 Scroll
  • Refrigerant: Hydrocarbons
  • Weight: 240Kg
  • Dimension: 1150x935x1650mm
  • Warranty: 3yrs *for all systems delivered after Jan 2017
    Subject to suppliers sizing and installation guidelines being followed
    *(there may be a travel charge for on-site service if there is a significant distance)


We use Natural Organic hydrocarbons:

Our hydronic heat pumps use hydrocarbon instead of traditional refrigerant, a highly efficient blend of R290 and R170, propane and ethane. When switching from R22, R502, R407C, and R404A power bills can be dramatically reduced, and the wear and tear on the refrigeration system can also be minimised. It's the Natural Organic solution

Download data sheet

Skyline Energy SX-24 Hydronic Heatpump with Owlett Low Noise Fans 300x399.JPG

ZA Hi-Tech Low Noise Owlet axial fan option

Improved airflow and up to 15% higher fan efficiency
Especially recommended for installations where noise could be an issue, the ZA model with super-efficient low-noise Ziehl-Abegg "Owlet" axial fans.

Specifications are subject to change without notice

RRP $11,700* incl GST
RRP $12,800* incl GST for ZA model with low-noise Ziehl-Abegg "Owlet" axial fans

plus delivery & installation * prices are subject to change without notice, so please call for latest pricing - special promotions etc.

We welcome trade enquiries! - 1300 552 976

Recommended Primary Circulation Pump for V25/V25ZA

GPD32-9 hot water circulating pump

We offer a small range of circulating pumps to suit a variety of applications.

An essential part of any hydronic heating system is the circulating pump or pumps.

The following table lists a range of circ. pumps to compliment our Air Sourced Hydronic Heat Pumps as primary circuit pump between the heat pump and the buffertank, and as the 'zone' pump(s) which circulate the water between the buffertank and the floorcoils and/or radiator panels.

The primary circulation pump must be matched to the flow-rate required by the heat pump.

The secondary or zone pumps are usually 0.5 to 1.5 Litres per second.

Some of our circulating pumps have 3 speeds to allow for varying conditions:












3 sp






hydronics multi-zone pump(s)



3 sp






hydronics single-zone pump



1 sp






V25 primary pump (close-coupled buffertank)

Recommend Purpose-made stainless steel buffertank

With the V25/V25ZA we recommend using one of specially designed Stainless Steel multi-port 200Lt buffertanks.

Installing a buffertank on a hydronic heat-pump allows for zoning without causing backpressure or flow-rate fluctuations which may trip the heat-pump.

Hydronic Buffertanks also reduce short-cycling which increases efficiency.

With an air-sourced hydronic heat-pump, heat energy is always readily available so a larger buffertank is not generally necessary and in fact can reduce efficiency in the shoulder seasons when the system is used infrequently. (one reason why we don't recommend multiple potable hot water heat-pumps for hydronics)

Skyline Energy 200SSBT Hydronic Buffertank-250
            Skyline Energy V35 Hydronic Heatpump Installation Tanjil South 1-187x250 Skyline Energy V35 Hydronic Heatpump Installation Tanjil South 2-187x250 Skyline Energy V35 Hydronic Heatpump Installation Tanjil South 3-187x250 Skyline Energy V35 Hydronic Heatpump Installation Tanjil South 4-187x250 Skyline Energy V35 Hydronic Heatpump Installation Tanjil South 5-187x250 Skyline Energy V35 Hydronic Heatpump Installation Tanjil South 6-768x1024

Other Models:

Simplified rules for sizing your heatpump for hydronic heating


  • Calculate how many kW are required
  • Look at the climatology of the location to establish the duration of 0oC to +4oC. Donít just look at the extreme temps, look at the mean overnight temp and duration
  • If the ambient air temp rarely dips below +4oC or does so for short periods then you can use this simple calculation...
    3.3 x electricity input kW = heatpump output heat kW to size the heatpump.
  • If the mean overnight ambient air temp is between 0oC and +4oC change the calculation to
    2.2 x electricity input kW = heatpump output heat kW to size the heatpump.
  • A more powerful heatpump will raise the water temp more rapidly so it will cycle off before it needs to defrost,
    thereby maintaining a higher COP and efficiency.
  • Warranty service may be refused if our sizing guidlines are ignored.









Brand Model


(5 star energy construction rating)

220V 1ph

>> SX-04

220V, 1ph


Rotary 0.98kW

1x fan - side

for up to 35sqm radiators or 45sqm slab

>> SX-06

220V, 1ph


Rotary 1.34kW

1x fan - side

for up to 48sqm radiators or 60sqm slab

>> SX-07

220V, 1ph


Rotary 1.5kW

1x fan - side

for up to 55sqm radiators or 70sqm slab

>> SX-08

220V, 1ph


Rotary 1.87kW

1x fan - side

for up to 67sqm radiators or 85sqm slab

>> SX-13CC/ZA

220V, 1ph


Copeland ZW34

2x fan - side

for up to 100sqm radiators or 130sqm slab

>> SX-17CC/ZA

220V, 1ph


Copeland ZW47

2x fan - side

for up to 140sqm radiators or 170sqm slab







220V 1ph or 2ph

>> SX-24/ZA

220V 1 or 2ph


Copeland ZW34

2x fan - top

for up to 200sqm radiators or 240sqm slab

>> V25/ZA

220V 1 or 2ph


Copeland ZW34

2x fan - V evap, top

for up to 210sqm radiators or 250sqm slab

>> V35/ZA

220V 1 or 2ph


Copeland ZW47

2x fan - V evap, top

for up to 300sqm radiators or 350sqm slab







380V 3ph

>> V42-3

380V 3ph


Copeland ZW61

2x fan - V evap, top

for up to 350sqm radiators or 420sqm slab

>> V50-3

380V 3ph


Copeland ZR72

2x fan - V evap, top

for up to 400sqm radiators or 500sqm slab

>> V60-3

380V 3ph


Copeland ZW79

2x fan - V evap, top

for up to 480sqm radiators or 600sqm slab

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